Friday, September 08, 2006
That Explains It

Exhibit A.
No one likes Joey Lieberman anymore. The people of CT voted him out of office.

Exhibit B.
No one likes G-Dubb anymore. Everyone thinks he's a creep.

Everyone knows this. Except for the two of them.
Why is that?

Well maybe it's because they were never told they were so unpopular.

Tracy Costin, President of Polling firm DataUSA, has pled guilty to fraud. Evidently the polling company would just make up answers. The callers would not really call everyone they said they were calling, and sometimes wouldn't call anyone at all.

Now polls are a politician's lifeblood, it's the only way for them to truly know what their constituents are thinking. Like them or not, and I can't think of a better way of gauging public support than asking the public what they support, polls are everything. They determine a campaign's message, they determine which commercial to air, they determine which bill to propose and what tie to wear with what speech.

Two of Costin's clients: Joe Lieberman and George W. Bush.

Here's the best part:
"FBI Special Agent Jeff Rovelli said 50 percent of information compiled by DataUSA and transmitted to Bush's campaign was falsified, the Connecticut Post reported Thursday."

Now they must have other pollsters, but when people talk about Liebs and Bush being "out of touch," now we know why.

They're not stupid or mean, they're just gullible.

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