Wednesday, September 06, 2006
She Won!!!!!

Katherine Harris won her Republican primary last night, and is now the official GOP candidate for Senate. She's running against the popular incumbent Bill Nelson, who probably would have been vulnerable to a candidate that didn't say you should only elect Christians, or you'd be "legislating sin." Or a candidate who didn't flirt with 17 year olds trying to interview her. Or a candidate who has burned through 17 campaign managers in six months (seriously, how many high level campaign aides can she really have?)...the list of craziness goes on and on.

Oh I almost forgot my favorite one (alright we'll do one more). In the promotions for a fundraiser she was having she listed NINE (9) prominent Republican Floridians who were going to join her on stage. But the problem was that these guys didn't know they were supposed to be there, they didn't endorse her, and none of them wanted to be anywhere near her. So they didn't show up. Which led Harris to say that the event was changed at the last second because a tree fell on the airplane hangar it was supposed to originally be in. (It's true, she said that. She was lying.)

This campaign will go down as one of the most poorly run human endeavors (of any kind) in history. She could lose by 90 points, seriously!

But you have to admire someone who told her entire party to go fuck themselves. Jeb, Rove, and rumors are the President all sat her down and told her to drop out. But she stood her ground, and wouldn't let her ego get in the way between the party and a good loss. That's the kind of attitude I'd like to see more of in today's GOP.

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