Friday, September 08, 2006
Have no Fear for JennyG

One of the GOP's biggest targets this year is first term incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-Michigan). She has been a good Governor (and is clearly the most fashionable Guv in the country, sorry Mitt) but Michigan's economy sucks and she might get blamed for it.

Recent polls have shown her in a dead heat against Amway salesman (yeah, weird that Amway still exists huh?) Dick DeVos. Bad news for an incumbent...

But, a quick look at the MONEY makes me a lot less nervous about this race. DeVos has spent more than 20 MILLION dollars to make this race even, while Jenny still has more than 7 MILLION in the bank waiting to be used.

If DeVos needs to spend money at this clip just to make this a competitive race then I think she's going to be fine. Can he really keep this up? Sure he's a millionaire, but at some point the returns will start to level out. Granholm has barely started to spend money, and once she does I expect her numbers to go back up. I think she holds on to her seat by two or three points.

Raised Spent
Period YTD Period YTD CoH
GRANHOLM $7.8M $19.0M $7.7M $11.6M $7.3M
DeVOS $4.1M $21.6M $4.5M $21.0M $596K

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