Friday, September 01, 2006
Breaking News!!!
Thurgood Marshall award NOT given to openly racist United States Senator.

George Allen.


Here's a picture of him (far left) with the leaders of one of the largest white supremacist groups in the nation. The "Council of Conservative Citizens" is what they renamed themselves after they realized the "White Citizen's Council" wasn't going to work anymore (that's not a joke). And yes that's Charlton Heston at the end (isn't he dead yet?).

Here's an article from The Nation on this picture and why Georgie's so close to his fellow Grand Dragons.

The same Senator who used to wear a Confederate Flag pin.

The same Senator who used to proudly display a noose in his office.

The same Senator who called an Indian-American man "Macaca" in front of a bunch of old white people. (And yes that word is a racial slur; it's a French slur for Africans (Allen's Mother is Tunisian) and it seems it might be a code word that white supremacists use to describe everyone else....He Knew What He Was Saying.)

This same Senator was being given an award from the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund. Donors freaked out. Allen refused the award. Read more here.

Granted he was getting the award for sponsoring a bill that gave millions of dollars to HBCUs; it's a good thing, but chances are Allen didn't really want word of this to spread out to all of his racist backers. So once the award got the smallest inkling of press--he ran as fast as he could.

It's simple. George Allen is an old time white supremacist. "Racist" doesn't even count; that's too prosaic and too common to describe where he's coming from. He was elected Governor and then Senator with the help of people like those guys up there in that picture. He hangs out with people who have a deep seated belief in the inferiority of people of color.

Any time he does something for non-white people--he's faking.

Until then, this is just another reminder why he must be defeated this November. This man WILL run for President, and he will pull every race-baiting trick he needs to in order to win South Carolina and any other Southern states on Super Tuesday.

I can only hope that eventually someone will get him on tape espousing his true beliefs. When that happens, he's done. Can't run for President, and if it happens before November he can't be reelected Senator--sorry George open racism won't work even in Virginia.

It's just a matter of time before he reveals himself (yes, he's actually that scary), let's just hope that he's not in the White House when he does.

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