Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ummm...or CAPTURED!!! Right? Something must have happened, right?

Something to merit the CIA disbanding "Alec Station" the division dedicated to the hunting, and then killing or capturing of Osama bin Laden. Read it here.

But I'm sure it was done because Osama is isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world. Hiding in a mountain in Pakistan without access to media or any way to reach his followers.

Well...I guess he has a tape recorder...and a newspaper or wifi or something.

But have no fear. Jennifer Millerwise, VP Vader's former spokeswoman, says that it doesn't mean anything:

"The efforts to find Osama bin Laden are as strong as ever," said Jennifer Millerwise Dyck, a C.I.A. spokeswoman. "This is an agile agency, and the decision was made to ensure greater reach and focus."

The former head of Alec Station (who named it after his son, it's true) says:
"This will clearly denigrate our operations against Al Qaeda,"

Well, sleep easy New Yorkers, Washingtonians, Chicagonites, Angelenos, Parisians, Londoners, Madridians, Romites, soldiers, families of soldiers, families of people who died in the dozens of terror attacks carried out by bin Laden around the world........................

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