Friday, June 30, 2006
The Strange and Difficult Life of David Hasselhoff
It's been a strange couple of weeks for Mr. Hasselhoff. First we all learn that Maverick's Forward Dirk Nowitzki is a diehard fan who sings Hasselhoff songs to calm him down on the free throw line. Then he sees a movie he has a role in ("Click") actually make quite a bit of money.

And now this....

Let's tell this story in pictures first:


Give up? Well it seems that Mr. Hasselhoff was shaving in a gym in London, hit his head on a chandelier, broken glass fell and sliced a tendon in his arm.

It's true, he needed surgery, read it here.

(My favorite thing about this story is the incredible lack of explaination. What was being shaved? How does one hit their head on any chandelier, much less while shaving? Etc. Etc.)

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