Friday, May 19, 2006
You Can Almost Hear the Shredding on Capitol Hill

So it seems that disgraced Congressmen Randy "Duke/Dukestir/Maverick from Top Gun" Cunningham has decided he doesn't want to spend years and years in jail.

Instead, he is going to sing like the phantom of the opera. After weeks and weeks of stonewalling, Duke is going to cooperate with a federal investigation into Congressional corruption.

Who knows where this will lead. Maybe just to other staffers. Maybe to the entire GOP caucus. But I'm sure Duke will give up anyone he needs to in order to avoid jail time.

Read here and here.

i merely want to point out that this blog claims to be 'a site for politics and art, and everything in between.' in reality, however, it is a site mostly about politics. occasionally about science, once in a while about sports, but rarely about art. just sayin'...
I've posted two poems on the site. That counts as far as I'm concerned.
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fair enough. i do agree that poems are art. it's the ratio of politics to art that i was getting at.
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