Friday, May 05, 2006
Subpoenaes + Witnessess=
One big juicy scandal that's bursting at the seams (so to speak).

Josh Marshall is reporting that the Watergate Hotel (yes that Watergate) has received subpoenas regarding the whole Duke Cunningham/Brent Wilkes/MZM Inc./Porter Goss/Dusty Foggo/some other dirty Republicans scandal.

Now I'm no legal genius, but I've seen enough episodes of Law and Order to konw that subpoenas are generally only used when someone wants to find something that will send someone else to jail. Now the case against Duke Cunningham is open and shut, do they need more on him? Or is this just getting started? Either way, there seems to be a development in this case everyday, which probably means someone's doing a perp walk real soon.

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