Saturday, May 13, 2006

Review time for one of the main requirements of the "No Child Left Behind" Act came around last week. By this school year, every teacher of every core course in public schools was supposed to be licensed, have a B.A., and show "competence" in their subject.

Any states that failed to meet this requirement are going to see cuts in federal funding. Henry Johnson, assistant secretary of education for elementary and secondary education, says that "In some cases, we're talking about large amounts of money."

So how many of our states are so backwards that they failed to meet the Act's all or nothing requirments?

Would you guess.....all of them? All 50, plus DC and Puerto Rico, states could see cuts in federal funding.

But that's ok, most public schools don't need any more money anyways right?

(Yes that's a real picture of a real American public school. Good luck guessing where.)

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