Friday, May 12, 2006
I Bet She Picked Up A Few Votes With This Outfit

Karl Rove, Gov. Jeb and Prez. W have all made it clear in recent weeks that they don't think that Katherine Harris can beat Nelson and become Florida's next Senator. They've said this publicly and have all sat down with her to ask her to drop out.

Most of her staff have defected, she has corruption issues bubbling under the surface, all Democrats in Florida still hate her for giving Bush the election in 2000, and she might have serious mental issues (Chris Matthews openly questioned her sanity a few days ago on Hardball).

But that doesn't mean she's not going to run. She keeps saying she's sticking it through. And Florida House Speaker Bense (who could turn it into a competitive race) has recently crushed Karl Rove's dreams by saying he won't run.

This is the sort of infighting and weird power plays that Democrats are known for. And it's a sign of serious disarray in the GOP that Harris is still running. The deadline for Senate candidates is still about a month away, so things could change, but it looks like her ego (and craziness) is more important to her than the good of her party.

Fine by me.

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