Wednesday, May 03, 2006
What else could explain this recent article in the WSJ which includes an admission from the CIA that Kyle "Dusty" Foggo (the number 3 guy at the CIA) attended parties at the Watergate with Brent Wilkes and other MZM staffers (and presumably a few bribed congressmen; see below for more detail).

Here's what they said:

"The Central Intelligence Agency confirmed its third-ranking official, Executive Director Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, attended poker games in Washington, D.C., hotel hospitality suites, the use of which is the focus of a federal criminal investigation.

A CIA spokeswoman said Mr. Foggo strongly denies anything improper occurred while he was present during the games, held at times in the Watergate and Westin Grand hotels in Washington.

She said Mr. Foggo says he never witnessed any prostitutes at the games...."

There's that good ole CIA plausible deniability. Foggo never "witnessed" any prostitutes at the parties. Maybe he left early, maybe they were in another room, maybe he played poker while squinting the whole time, or maybe (as I said above) they were invisible.

Either way, it's the American intelligence service at its finest.

Muckracker has more.

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