Tuesday, April 18, 2006
What Do These States Have In Common?
Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska?

They are the only states in the country in which Bush's approval rating is over 50%.

Survey USA just released it's latest 50 State Poll.

The best performers for Bush:
Utah 55% approval 40% disapproval
Idaho 53% 43%
Wyoming 54% 44%
Nebraska 51% 45%

Boy do these states love Bush. But it should be pointed out that Bush's numbers have been declining in these states; Bush has hit 60% approval at least once in each of these states in the past year.

And which states hate Bush the most???????

Vermont 27% approval 70% disapproval
Massachusetts 26% 70%
New York 24% 73 %
Rhode Island 24% 74%

Wow! Who are those 24% in Rhode Island? What must those people be like? Maybe they didn't understand the question...

Just want to point out that New England is something of an utopia. New Hampshire is slipping a bit, but the rest of the region knows what's going on.

Come to think of it, perhaps New English should secede. Not a good time to switch allegiances and become part of Canada, given the swing to the right there, but maybe we'll get lucky and drift out to sea...
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