Saturday, April 08, 2006
We Can Win A Congressional Seat on Tuesday
April 11th is the special election to fill the vacant seat left by Duke Cunningham. There are about a dozen Repubs and a few Democrats running in this mostly Republican district. Before Cunningham resigned it would have been ludicrous to even think that the Democrats had a chance of picking this seat up. But all of the polling done on the race shows Democrat Francine Busby with a big lead. The first polls showed Busby with a big lead but with only 35% of the vote (you need more than 50% to not spark an automatic run-off on June 6th), but a recent Survey USA poll showed Busby pulling 45% of the vote. It's possible that she might win the seat outright this tuesday.

The Repubs are scared; they just dumped more than $300,000 of TV ads into the race.

If Busby wins, either Tuesday or in June, it will spark off a whole round of good publicity for the Dems and will get the press talking even more seriously about the Dem's chance to win big in November.

A Busby victory will be a huge rejection of the entire Republican party; this district is as reliably Republican as any other and it will be a phenomenal accomplishment.

So, go to her website.

And think about dropping her some money through the ActBlue link to the left, or through her website. It's not too late to give her something, and she'll still be able to use it.

MoveOn also has a website that will allow you to do some virtual phonebanking. You sign up, they give you 15 names and numbers, they give you a script, and you do direct voter contact for a district in California. Voter turnout will be key, and this is the kind of thing that can make all the difference in the race. It only takes an hour, and it will have an effect.

Click here to make the calls.

We're down to the wire, and let's hope on Wednesday morning there's one more Democrat in the House of Representatives.

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