Monday, April 10, 2006
The election to fill Duke Cunnigham's Congressional seat occurs TOMORROW. This is a real eleciton for a real Congressional seat. This is probably going to be the only election between now and November; a win here will mean BIG momentum for Democrats across the country.

So please, go to MoveON and sign up to do some voter contact---it will only take an hour to reach 15 voters. Turnout in elections like this is always low, so whoever mobilizes the most people wins.

And consider giving Francine Busby some money. She can still use it.

The worst case scenario for tomorrow is that Busby gets under 50% of the vote and there has to be a run-off in June. She will need the money to keep campaigning until them. But there is a very good chance that Busby can win the whole damn thing tomorrow. A recent poll had her pulling 45%---help push her over fifty.

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