Monday, April 10, 2006
Today's Word of the Day Is: PHONEJAMMING

When a person or group makes an organized effort to clog a person or groups telephone lines with calls designed to keep the targeted person or group from making any outside calls.

Later tonight I will explain: why this is important, who's going to jail because of it, who else might be going to jail because of it, and what political party they work for. (I'll bet you can figure out that last one for yourself.)

Thank you for the definition; I found it very enlightening. I would have assumed that phonejamming had something to do with all those crazy kids with the ipod phones -- like, you know, they were jamming out to the hot tunes on their phone. I'm glad you cleared it up for me.
p.s. why the silence on the most important event of the day -- and the most pressing moral issue (okay, aside from genocide and american imperial aggression) of our day: immigration rights? a radical open door policy, that's what we need. anything less from our european settler government is unjust and unacceptable.
Oh there's definitely a post on immigration coming up...just you wait.
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