Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Scary News out of Cincinnati
More bad news for a city that always seems ready to boil over...

Black activist wounded near City Hall after addressing council

CINCINNATI - A black activist was shot several times and wounded Wednesday across the street from City Hall, shortly after addressing City Council in one of his frequent appearances.
Michael Bailey, a Cincinnati Metro bus driver who goes by the name Gen. Kabaka Oba, has claimed to represent groups called the Special Forces and the Black Fist.
It appeared Bailey was targeted, not a victim of a random shooting, Police Chief Thomas Streicher Jr. said. Bailey was undergoing surgery at University Hospital for multiple gunshot wounds, Streicher said.
Police had information on an assailant, the chief said, but he declined to discuss specifics.
Although Bailey's remarks to council often were very strident, Mayor Mark Mallory said Bailey did not say anything unusual during the public comment portion of Wednesday's meeting.

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