Wednesday, April 19, 2006
My Kind of Representative
She looks like a nice woman doesn't she? Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO)

Discount the fact that she's a Republican, and she looks like a friendly, polite person. The kind of woman that will serve her constituents proudly, and will always look after their best interests.

Except for when she calls them "assholes."

One of her constituents wrote in to Rep. Emerson and asked a question about the testimony that oil executives gave to Congress last year. The response was a typical boilerplate response from a politician (thanks for writing...blah blah blah...I will take your views into account...blah blah blah...). Until the ending. The letter ends with:
"I think you're an asshole."

This is what happens when Capitol Hill staffers get crazy on a friday night. Emerson has apologized, but she should probably be congratulated for finally voicing what most of them think of the people they "represent."

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