Monday, April 24, 2006
Lies, Deception, Intimidation...
All in a normal day's work for the extremists. Planned Parenthood is trying to sound the alarm about fake "pregancy crisis" centers that lure women in, and then try to scare them into not getting an abortion.

There's one of these clinics near South Dakota's only abortion clinic, and they are spreading across the country. They look normal, they look neutral, they have nice names like "Pregnancy Crisis Center," but they are run by scary scary people.

In Indiana a young woman recently wandered into the clinic thinking it was part of Planned Parenthood. Why did she think this? Well, maybe it was because it shares a parking lot with Planned Parenthood (perhaps not a coincidence?). The "nurses" took down her address, phone number, name, etc. and then told her to come back later in the week. She was told to go to the "main" Planned Parenthood office (across the parking lot). So she shows up, and they haven't heard of her, but the cops are there waiting for her. The crazies at the fake clinic had called the police and told them that a minor was being forced into an abortion (not true, and isn't filing a fake police report illegal?). And it just goes from there.
Here's some more about it.

They called her house, they called her dad at work (yeah, how awkward must that have been?), they went to her high school and told her friends to talk her out of it.

Just one more example of how the far right is not afraid to resort to blatant lies, misinformation, and thug tactics.

A bill has been introduced in Congress to stop these places from misrepresenting themselves. PP is trying to start a letter writing campaign to support the bill. Something that I would recommend doing.

Oh...and one more thing...many of these "Crisis Centers" receive millions of dollars in government funding. Your tax dollars at work!

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