Friday, April 07, 2006
Let's All Spend A Little Time In Curt Weldon's Head
So I think Weldon is a bit nervous, something that seems to be spreading amongst the Repubs, and he recently said something really stupid and heartless.

This is my re-creation of the thought process behind his comments....

hmm....poll after poll shows voters fleeing the GOP like it was a rabid dog sitting on a landmine. Nothing is going right anywhere in the country: the war has gone to hell, and they're blaming us for it; the economy still isn't right, despite what we try to say; and more people are realizing that the guys in charge are actually pretty scary.

But how does this affect me? Good old reliable ever reelected Curt Weldon. Well, my Senator
(ed. note-the vile Santorum) is immensly unpopular and is almost certain to lose his seat. Dems across the state are going to come out in droves to drive him from office. And my own district has gone Democrat in the past few Presidential elections....let me put the pieces together.


What to do about it....oh I know. I'll attack my opponent on his record. No that won't work. I know I'll break with my party and support one of the pull out proposals sponsored by Democrats. No way to that either.....

I got it! I'm going to attack my opponents five year old daughter, who cares if she has a malignant brain tumor. Voters love that!!!

That's right folks. Weldon decided to attack his opponent (Sestak) because he owns a home in Virginia and is renting in PA. And evidently, the fact that his daughter's hospital is in Virginia is only further proof of how despicable Sestak is---she should be in one of PA's fine hospitals.

Now we all know that the voters love personal attacks, especially when they're against dying five year old girls. But I'm not sure this is going to work on Weldon's behalf.

Muckracker has some more delightful info on Weldon's own daughter: No cancer, just Lobbying.
Atrios has some more on Weldon's comments.

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