Saturday, April 08, 2006
It's Still Way too Early, but It's Getting Closer
So Political Derby just released an update of their rankings for the '08 nominations. It's obviously just one guy's opinion, but it's an interesting list. My own list follows soon.

1. Hills; 2. Mark Warner; 3. John Edwards; 4. Evan Bayh; 5. John Kerry; 6. Bill Richardson
7. Tom Vilsack; 8. Tom Daschle; 9. Wes Clark; 10. Russ Feingold

1. John McCain; 2.George Allen; 3.Mitt Romney; 4. Rudy G.; 5. Bill Frist; 6. Mike Huckabee;
7. Newt; 8. Condi; 9.Mike Pence; 10. Tom Tancredo

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