Thursday, April 20, 2006
How Sweet It Is.
So all these crazy polls done by liberal organizations show the President with numbers that are way too low. There's no way that CNN and USA Today and CBS can possibly be reporting numbers that are real. It's just another example of the liberal media trying to slander the good name of our fair leader.

We know most of the country supports him, and thankfully FoxNews is here to set the rest of those bleeding hearts straight.

I'm so glad that Fox News does their own polls that reveal the truth....well...actually now that I look at it...

33% approval rating?


Well that just means that they oversampled the crazy liberals right? Oh...for the first time less than 70% of Repubs approve of the job the President is doing....hmmm....

This is an all time low for Shrub, he's truly approaching Nixonian levels of public approval, and you know things are going bad for Dubya when not even Fox News can call those few people left who like the guy.

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