Thursday, April 27, 2006
Good News and Bad News from New Jersey
A new Quinnipiac poll has Senator Menendez (D) leading Tom Kean Jr. by six points. Good news for a Senator who has only been in office for seven months. Kean Jr. is the son of one of New Jersey's most beloved politicians and it seems that most of his support comes from the fact that people like his daddy.

On a side note:

Bush's approval rating is 26%, that's so low it's funny. But what's strange is that Cheney's approval rating is 27%. Making New Jersey almost certainly the only state in the country where Cheney is more popular than Dubya. But what accounts for this small uptick for Cheney? Hmmm...maybe Bush should shoot a guy in the face with a shotgun...I'm just saying...

Read more at Blue Jersey

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