Thursday, April 06, 2006
Don't hate Tom Delay yet?
Well this should just about do it.

You see Nick Lampson, the ex-congressman who's running in Delay's old district (I love saying that), wanted to have a little press conference to address his supporters and generally tell everyone that he's still running and that he's still going to win.

(By the way, Nick has his very own ActBlue donation box in the corner right over there...I'm just saying...)

It seemed like a nice event, until all the crazy (and I mean crazy) and mean and violent people showed up out of nowhere. They had signs slandering Lampson, they had an air horn that drove everyone crazy, and they encircled the Congressman and his supporters. If you follow this link you can see picutres of the crazed masses, and the parents holding their children close to them. At some point a 70 year old woman was knocked on her ass becuase she had the temerity to suggest that these lunatics go fuck themselves.

So was this just a random act of violence? The perils of being a Democrat in certain parts of the country?

No. This was something planned by.....(wait for it) Tom Delay's Campaign Manager.

(from Juanita's)

The following email went out from Chris Homan, Tom DeLay's campaign manager and Cress Ann Posten (State Republican Executive Committeewoman, District 18, last night at 6:00 p.m.

We would meet tomorrow morning at 9:45 am on the first floor of the parking garage attached to the Marriott. Please get folks to call our campaign office 281.343.1333 and let us know they can do it – or e-mail Leonard Cash (in the cc field above) so that we can get some head count. Let’s give Lampson a parting shot that wrecks his press conference.

Here's a link to the pics and some more detail

Is this what Repubs do when they decide they'd rather take their ball and go home instead of lose?

This makes me so angry I can't even type anymore.

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