Thursday, April 06, 2006
Can it be true?
I know I'm jinxing the whole thing by posting this, but it really seems that the Florida Marlins are getting closer and closer to picking up and heading to my hometown.

There's a plan to build a park (which involves taxing tourists more than everyone else in the city, how brilliant is that?), there's support amongst the residents, and the city is growing so fast that they can definitely support a team.

And...on the Marlin's first game of the season, a delegation of San Antonio leaders and buisnesspeople sat in the owner's box. Hey it worked for Jack Abramoff....

Florida Marlins owner says talks with San Antonio are "serious"

HOUSTON (AP) — Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria says that discussions with San Antonio officials about the possibility of relocating the team to the Texas city are serious.

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