Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Busby 44%
Next closest challenger: 15%.

Ok, so we didn't win a Congressional seat yesterday, but Francine Busby did come within six percentage points of winning in an overwhelmingly Republican district.
A few things:
1. there were lots of candidates on the ballot, Busby was only one of four or five
2. Busby was at the very bottom of the ballot, after many of the other Democrats running
3. The RNC dumped $300,000 in attack ads into the district, which had no effect whatsover. This is good news because it's great when the Repubs spend their money and don't get a return, and because it shows that people are finally beginning to see through their lies.

Now there is going to be a run-off on June 7th against Brian Bilbray. Busby has to be the obvious favorite going into the race, and she'll have the benefit of less people clogging up the ballot. We will also have more time to alert people that there is in fact an election coming up; increasing turnout should be a priority.

Bilbray is not extraordinarily well-liked amongst the conservative circles in San Diego, and he's not a trillionaire like a couple other Repubs who ran last night. So he's going to have his work cut out for him: he can't bring out the crazies, and he can't self-finance.

So, go to her website, think about donating, and know that this is yet another presumably "safe" Republican district that the Democrats have put into play.

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