Thursday, April 06, 2006
Act Blue
Ok, I'm going to add a link here, and in the sidebar (and basically all over this site) to my ActBlue page. If you don't know what ActBlue is, then let me tell you, it's a website that collects money for progressive causes and candidates.

Sounds reasonable right, but what makes ActBlue so great is that they don't charge the campaigns anythign for their service. It's all profit. ActBlue raises millions of dollars, yes that's right MILLIONS, every year for the people you want to see win elections.

Another great thing about ActBlue is that most of the donations run through the website are small. I think the average is around $60. That's the average, I routinely go through and drop five or ten bucks here and there.

And now perhaps the greatest thing about ActBlue is that your humble blogger has set up his own fundraising page. I have chosen to highlight these particular candidates and causes for a variety of reasons.

I'm going to be posting more detail on each of them soon.

But generally I chose them because they are causes that mean more to me, or that I think there is a particularly urgent need to raise money for. For instance, Francine Busby is on there and her election is on Tuesday (pretty close by all accounts).

Let me say that the purpose of this site is not to raise money for politicians. The purpose is to feed my ego. But if some other people, and indeed the whole country, can benefit as I go along then that's even better.

So, here it is again:

give it a shot.

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